Piece of Advice

All of us constantly expect something from life, whether good grades, good job or a lifelong love with all of its romantic components. Others also expect something from us, our parents, our teachers, our friends. Expectations surround our existence.We live trying to achieve everything easier and faster, we don’t like being disappointed or rejected. I wonder, do we have too high expectations from life? Can’t we just live and go with the flow? We want to be loved, respected, but sometimes we don’t care to love and respect others back. When fighting with someone who is close to our heart, we think that eventually, everything would work out, but instead, we are losing them. Close friends quickly become strangers, relatives bother us, we are reluctant to accept the boring reality, we crave more. We act badly, not even understanding why everything is wrong in our lives. Peace is gone, depression is welcomed. We stop caring about anything at all exactly because of the high expectations. That is another big mistake. Not all mistakes can be forgotten or forgiven. Actually, sometimes people can forgive, but they can never forget. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that people stay who they are, they never change. We should either accept them or let them free. Not just for few weeks or few months. Forever. Difficult, but doable. So, I suggest to not expect anything from life. Expectations bring disappointments, and disappointments bring unhappiness.The best way to avoid thinking and dreaming about a perfect life is to concentrate on making ours more enjoyable and be thankful for what we have.


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