Artur Sargsyan, better known as ‘Hats Berogh,’ died about 10 hours after being operated in the Armenia Medical Center, on March 16, 2017. According to the medical staff reports, the main reason for the deterioration of his health condition was the 24-days hunger strike, taken as an action against the court decision to take him into custody the second time.

He started the hunger strike on February 10, after being taken into custody the second time.

Sargsyan was born in on August 9, 1968. He was a member of the Nagorno-Karabakh war from 1988-1994.

Right after his death, massive protest actions rose in the streets of Yerevan. The protestants held bread as an assimilation to his nickname and shouted ‘Artur was killed.’

He got his nickname ‘Hats Berogh (The Bread Bearer)’ during the days of ‘Sasna Dzrer’ group disobediences. Sargsyan had the courage to pass through the roadblocks of police and carry supplies to the group. Later he stated that he wanted to stay with the group.

After the group surrender, he was arrested with the group members on July 31. Following interference of his lawyer, he was freed on December 30, 2016, yet was arrested again on February 9, 2017, which became the reason for him to start a hunger strike.

By Artyom Matevosyan



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