The Cocktail of the Night: The White Wine Sangria

The lightest and most refreshing drink, to lighten up your senses and bring up that party mood for the night is the White Wine Sangria. The White Sangria is very easy to make and will take only 5 minutes of your time. You can use your favourite fruit and some white wine but there are some nice wombo – combo’s that I personally like more.


White wine lovers would certainly enjoy fresh citrus, apple and other tropical fruit flavors that give a new scent to the white wine. Some very nice mentions are lemon, lime, and orange or, for the tropical-minded, add mango, pineapple, and kiwi to make it more interesting.

The Recipe (My Favourite)

Ingredients: What you will need is a bottle of white wine (your favourite one), 2/3 tea cups white sugar, 1 cup of orange juice ( can be extracted from approximately 3 oranges ),  a lemon cut into wedges, a lime cut into wedges, 2 ounces brandy (can be added/optional), and half a liter of ginger ale or club soda.

How to make:

1.  Pouring the wine into the pitcher.

2. Squeeze the juices from the citrus wedges into the wine, then put in the wedges (remove the seeds if possible).

3. Add brandy (optional remember?) and sugar before stirring.

4. Give it some time, let it chill over the night.

5. Add the ginger ale or club soda just before trying it. 

An important mention is to use chilled wine and add a lot of ice to the Sangria to make it just perfect.



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