The Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll Passed Away

d2540371d2446cebe3a3539de573f2b2Chuck Berry, the Father of rock ‘n’ roll, died at the age of 90, March 18, 2017. The police found Berry unconscious on Saturday afternoon in his home. After many failed attempts to revive him authorities officially declared Berry dead. Members of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys paid tribute to the Father of rock ‘n’ roll whose several songs they made own covers once. Other famous figures including Bill Clinton and the Jacksons expressed their sorrow as well.

139a5ea761c290606f3004deb07f834cBorn on Oct. 18, 1926, Chuck Berry was the fourth child among six children in the family. He had various interests in childhood including photography, carpentry as well as showed great interest in music. Berry did not have much interest at school subjects while his interest in music kept on increasing. At the age of 17, Berry dropped out of school. By the 1950s, Berry faced different life events such as robbery, prison, worked as a janitor, photographer and married Themetta Suggs (they had four kids).  Starting from mid 1950s, his career started to thrive. He joined Tommy Steven’s band (his school classmate) who with he gained fame for music shows at clubs. Soon, he joined Jonnie Johnson’s Trio and continued shaping the new genre of rock ‘n’ roll and writing songs.

In 1956, Berry made a new stage movement, duck walk, that attracted many positive reactions.


In 1962, Chuck Berry was put in prison for engaging in illegal activities. He spent his time there writing songs and music to boost his career as soon as he is out. “Nadine,” “You Can Never Tell,” Promised Land” and “Dear Dad” were the songs that helped him regain fame and continue the successful career path.


In 1985, Berry was honored to win a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Two years later, a star carrying his name appeared on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Chuck Berry never got tired of music. Even in his 80ies he actively rocked the stage giving concerts.

Luiza Vardanyan



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