The New York Times’ reflection to “Atamhatik”

Different nations have different traditions that they follow. The traditions are the inseparable part of any nation and culture since they define who they are and what kind of mentality they have. It is believed that each country and its people can be described by the traditions they follow and which play a great role in their lives.stock-photo-word-cloud-ritual-152103434

One of the traditions Armenians have is called “Atamhatik”, which basically means the period when a baby starts having teeth. This is one of the traditions almost all the Armenians follow ,and carry from generation to generation. It is believed to be an event that has to happen in all the Armenian families.tumblr_nui4e26e7f1s07vpzo1_500

One of the well-known daily newspapers “New York Times” addressed the tradition of “Atamhatik” in one of its issues. There is basically written the description of the tradition and how it is usually being celebrated among Armenians. The celebration goes like this; as soon as a baby has his/her first tooth, the baby’s parents and relatives gather and start celebrating that ‘event.’ They put various subjects in front of the baby so that he/she can choose one. Whatever the baby choses is supposed to be his/her profession/carrier in the future.00wit_armeina-babies-master768

The magazine also did a research to compare how the tradition was followed in past and how it is celebrated in our days.


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