The Power of Virtual World

A famous virtual game called “Pokemon Go” produced profit of £4.33 billion in 2016 in UK. Nowadays, it is considered one of the most popular virtual games in the world. Its main value is that this game is based on interacting with virtual creatures called “Pokemons” on the real surface. Thus, through GPS navigation system and other additional applications it is possible to haunt virtual enemies in real conditions by simply being there at the same time. For instance, it is possible to walk along the street and play the game by fighting with opponents in the very same place via smart phone application.

Image result for pokemon go

Thus, this aspect serves as main attraction of nearly 10 million people playing “Pokemon Go” and consequently spending significant amount of money for various additional functions applied to the game.

The issue of the virtual games is that by serving as a kind of entertainment for a lot of people (via computer, smartphone, PlayStation, Xbox and various other game consoles) it simultaneously leads to a lot of undesirable consequences.

Firstly, by playing a video game one starts being quite involved in its process. Thus, after pretty long period of playing the game, it becomes quite difficult for him to think about anything out of the boundaries of the virtual conditions. He feels himself more as a part of the virtual world, which is regularly being improved through his progress in the game. Hence, he feels more confident by participating and affecting the virtual world located only in the memory cells of his electronic device, while start neglecting major issues happening on the “real side” of his life.

Secondly, all video games “obligate” the player to pay full attention to the process of the game. Thus, by diverting one’s sight even for a second from the screen, he is threatened to miss certain action and consequently lose the game. The problem of such games is that they are quite emotional and such sudden blunder might lead to temporary disappointment for the rest of the day. Thereby, by regularly highlighting the value of the game in his life, one becomes somehow addicted to it.

Actually, the issue of the virtual games is a very controversial topic. Obviously, it contains some positive aspects. Playing a virtual game is a good way to take a break from daily school classes or just have fun with friends. However, it is really necessary to be able to distinguish the edge between the real and virtual world, and consequently not being strongly affected by virtual one by paying too much attention to its process. The real one requires much more of that…



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