The World in One Orchestra

An Armenian violinist, a Cuban percussionist, and a Taiwanese keyboardist.

Such a combination of nationalities and musical instruments might have been unheard of if Yanni had not brought them together. He created an orchestra with professional musicians from (literally) all over the world and together they created a musical genre that cannot even be categorized.

What I love the most about Yanni’s orchestra is how much they enjoy themselves during their concerts. Their eyes are always beaming, their constant smiles are so genuine, and you can tell that they can hardly keep themselves from dancing around while they play – and quite often they do! Their performance of “World Dance” is just one example of how they’re having the time of their lives while playing. For them, it’s like a game; they’re each taking turns playing around with their musical instrument until the next person steps up and thrills the audience in their own way.

Everything about Yanni’s musical career is unconventional. He did not have a formal musical education and taught himself; to this day, he does not use traditional notations, but the “musical shorthand” he himself created. Because of Yanni’s unique musical style, his ladder to recognition was also out of the ordinary. He risked his personal money to organize concerts at various historical sites, such as Greece’s Acropolis, Russia’s Kremlin, India’s Taj Mahal, and so on.

Yanni’s joy and genuine passion for the music he creates through his orchestra is so evident during his shows. He continuously inspires me, because when he could not find any category to fit his passion into, he created his own category.


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