-What does this mean,- asked one of the tourists to the guide.

-Hmm, its written something in Armenian, if we continue our way…

-Its written “welcome” in western Armenian , Armenians write this in front of their houses,- suddenly said one of the tourist, by moving ahead.

– Wait, so this is an Armenian house? – asked the lady with surprised voice.

While the guide was trying to avoid the lady’s question, the tourist answering to previous question said ‘Yes, the both houses in front of you are Armenian. 17357032_1284184251617880_2119211765_oOnce two Armenian friends decided to built two houses and see whose is a better one. After finishing the constructions, the house on the left side 17379979_1284184211617884_1900120575_omore modern and beautiful. However, the owner of the other house on the opening ceremony of the houses turned to his friends and said “Well my friend, you won, as a result every day I will see a beautiful and modern house. What you will see my friend are the ugly men with their long tongues on my house.” So you see the ugly men sculptures, modern house with round side and Armenian “բարի եկաք” in front of the house. 17407569_1284184248284547_280773207_o

Not only the lady asking the question, but other tourists were also listening with astonishment. The guide was also surprised and even a little bit angry. He started to tell other stories to diffuse the situation. He succeeded and the group continued his way. They passed by those and by many other buildings which contained details of past, unknown to us. There are many Armenian corners in Tbilisi, chained to Armenians’ lives. Those stories, those buildings, people and past are being ignored by us until there are those who ask questions.

P.S. Its about you seeing

Armik Israyelyan


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