YouTube is killing Television

For already a decade YouTube is eating up a huge chunk off the global media.People from all over the world watch YouTube for more than a billion hours a day. Men and women of different age groups spend a big part of their day sitting in front of their notebooks, watching YouTubers who have become online celebrities


Together with other services, such as Netflix, and Hulu, YouTube and Internet in general tend to slowly take over the traditional TV. After all, it seems like this is only the beginning.

Recently, YouTube has announced the launch of its TV streaming service. The service will cost 35$ a month, and will potentially replace the cable Television. More than 40 TV channel will be available for streaming, by simply entering a usual YouTube account. The arsenal of the Internet giant includes networks like ABC, NBC, FOX, E! and many other well known TV channels.


The subscribers will also be granted with an access to previously produced content from YouTube Red, a product created by YouTube, similar to the newly coming one. Although, YouTube Red was not that big of a success, a big number of YouTube stars has produced their own little shows, which could be found exceptionally on the Red platform, so migrating the content to YouTube TV is of a high priority for the company.


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