Abortion: A Matter of Choice


In the world of controversy, there is still a statement worth of consideration: Each and every child deserves to be happy, healthy, loved and protected.  Before having a child, potential parents have to realize this and take full responsibility of raising their future child in a proper manner and atmosphere.  As it is not moral to meddle with couple’s relationship problems, it is even more unacceptable to have a direct intervention and force in the process of deciding whether having a baby or not. Forasmuch as woman rights are human rights and free choice is one of the principals of human rights, women should definitely have the power and authority over their bodies which include the legal right to abortions. Having a law against abortion does not stop the process; instead, it makes it more unsafe. Guarantying universal access to legal abortions is a tremendous step in order to avoid unsafe abortions which lead to maternal mortality and other severe complications.

Accepting the conception that we are the very owners of our bodies leads us also to welcome the fact that women have a moral right to determine whether to end or continue the pregnancy. A right to privacy ensures that neither a government nor any other person can interfere with an individual’s personal and private decisions. Just like the other human rights, individual liberty, reproductive freedom, and reproductive rights should also be solely viewed as self-determination rights. Any restriction on abortion is a vivid violation of woman rights. Just like other health issues, it also should be left only to experts, in this case, doctors and women themselves. Governments have to demonstrate hands off duty in reproductive decision-making process and have to ensure that each and every woman regardless her choice is guaranteed of reaching a proper medical aid.

-Mariam Khachatryan


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