A small piece of home.

As you have noticed from my previous blog posts, I like going out. I basically have two moods: a couch potato that does not leave home for two weeks straight without complaining, or someone who cannot stay home for two days in a row.

When my second mood kicks in, I either go to my favorite places or try and find new places.

These past few weeks, I’ve been going to Al Mayass more regularly.

Let’s start with the food. Middle eastern dishes are delicious, and the food at Al Mayass is exactly that DELICIOUS!! I particularly love the spicy potato (batata harra) which is small pieces of potato mixed with a spicy and a bit sour sauce.

photo taken by me

When it comes to seating, you have three choices:


I call this the party hall, it is for dinner parties and dancing. The walls of this area are designed with pictures of famous Lebanese people and places in Lebanon.

14364668_810060332468975_3093848037282289821_nThis is the outdoors area, which is closed when it’s cold outside (obviously).


This is the main area which is almost always full. Heating systems are used and plastic bags are added to prevent wind coming in from the openings in the winters and when the weather is a bit warmer the plastic bags are removed and you can enjoy the light breeze.

Another thing that I love about Al Mayass is the atmosphere, the Arabic music (No I am not talking about “Habibi ya nour el ein” you can hear that in the party hall area, the main are plays classic or rather calm Arabic songs) that plays in the background while you are enjoying Lebanese cuisine or drinking tea and hearing the people next to you speak Arabic.


But what I love most about Al Mayass is when the cool breeze touches me I am immediately transported to the swing in my Grandfather’s garden listening to Arabic music, drinking tea, feeling careless, loved and happy.

Pictures taken from: https://www.facebook.com/AlMayassYerevan/?ref=page_internal&fref=nf

Address: Cascade, Tamanyan 1

-The Random Thoughts of Nanar


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