“In the beginning there was Darkness [tamas – mental & physical, representing inertia]. It was the shape of the universe, which was in deep sleep. Then the self-existent divinity dispelled the darkness and created the waters and placed a seed inside them with a thought. The seed turned into an egg equal to the sun in its brilliancy. Then the progenitor himself was born out of that egg [self-manifest] and created many kinds of beings from its own body, then divided it into two, forming the heaven and earth. He then drew forth the mind and the soul…”


Aum is an iconography, sacred symbol and the basis of yoga. It represents a natural process from creation through sustenance to eventual destruction.
Unlike most sounds on earth, the Aum sound occurs without any striking forces. It is unstruck because the vibrating atoms of the universe produce it through the pulsating movement of the space’s primal energy.


‘A’ is an open unrounded vowel. It is pronounced with an open mouth and rounded lips. ‘A’ represents the emanation of the universe and the life within. It is considered as the creating power and is associated in Hinduism with Brahma, the creator. When pronouncing ‘A,’ the sound resonates in front of the mouth and echoes in the stomach area. You can feel it more closely, if you put your hand on your stomach while pronouncing it. The stomach area is where the new life is created. ‘A’ is the scream of the newborn.


U‘ is a close back rounded vowel. It is produced with closed lips from the back of the mouth. ‘U’ represents the sustenance of the universe, bridge from creation to destruction. It is the preserving power and is associated with Vishnu, the protector-preserver. You can feel the vibration in the chest area while pronouncing the vowel, it is where the heart resides. With its beats the heart generates feelings, which then turn into memories and connects the person with their previous versions throughout their lives. ‘U’ is the babies’ attempt to speak.


M’ is a voiceless bilabial nasal. It is formed with closed lips and resonates backward in the mouth spreading upward to the head. It represents the end, destruction, death of the universe and the life within. It is the destructive power, and is associated with Shiva, the destroyer-regenerator. The consonant echoes inside the head, where the mind is creating yet another inception. ‘M’ is the basis of the first word ‘Ma[ma].’


Aum ends with silence [turiya], which is the 4th transcendental state of mind. It is the realm where we sense the non-duality. It is the state of cosmic consciousness.
Then the circle repeats itself in the nonstop turbulence of the cosmic design.


(In English, the word ‘god’ is also thought to reflect the same concept of the basic creative energies: GOD – generative, operative, destructive powers.)

*Always break the silence with something worth it.

F. Max Muller, G. Buhler “The Laws of Manu: The Sacred Books of the East Part Twenty-Five”


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