Elections vs Gender

Although I, with all my will, do not want to dig too deep in politics and elections, still I am supposed to. The reason for that became the understanding that my future totally lies in the hands of people I will choose next week . However, as I observed, no one of the political parties that crave for power has any point about gender rights, woman issues and domestic violence. And I as a future advocate can not help but  to criticize this absence .

Many of the political parties have engaged female to-be ministers in their teams. Still, they have not developed any strategy they would implement to overcome the difficulties their own party members and common women could face and suffer from. Under difficulties, I assume disrespect, everyday financial hardships, inequality in work market and in salaries for the same job and traditional and prejudiced roles as only housewives and not as humans with various dreams and perspectives. Although, according to statistics, women sample 52% of Armenia’s population, they can not claim their rights are guaranteed or well defended. Again, the same statistics shows that every year ten woman die because of domestic violence. And, when such crimes are reported, we face the harsh reality of having absolutely no law on regulation of family relationships and domestic violence. Maybe this is because Armenian society trusts men more than women and criminally punishes men only for a murder and not for continuous devastation of psychological and mental health of another person.

I think political parties should care  for this issue as they are losing ten potential voters every year because of their indifference to the conditions those voters exist in. Nevertheless, the same political parties refer to women only as mothers or defenders of families and never as equals to men in respect of their rights and abilities. Women are absent from all the political stir and pre-electoral projects and programs when, in fact, they form the actual majority of the voters. And the dilemma is that when I will choose my future leader I would be supposed to do it not because he would protect me as a fighting woman but because he promises to become a good man.


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