Good Addiction

When I was a kid, if you asked me what I wanted or Christmas my answer always included books. Growing up in a family of readers played a major role in my love for books and reading. My interest in books grew when the war in Syria broke down, since I was skipping school and the electricity was off for four hours a day candles were my light. I got Nizar Qababni’s entire collection as a gift for my 16th birthday and I finished it within two months using candle light.


I noticed that most of my friends haven’t read a book in their lives so I wanted to make a change in our generation. In 2012 I bought my first book from my saving, Paulo Coelho’s “By the River Pidera I Sat Down and Wept.” I decided that after finishing the book I will give it away as a gift to one of my friends to encourage them to read. I started reading the book in Aleppo and it traveled all the way with me to Yerevan, in December 2016 it found its way to a new home.

I gave the book as a birthday gift to one of my friends and she finished reading it today( 26 March, 2017). Luckily I was there to witness to the moment of turning the last page of the book and closing it for the last time. My happiness reached its climax when she asked me for another book, I knew that I succeeded. Books are little piece of heaven, and we have easy access to them nowadays. Read as much as you can, you’ll see things in a different way with each book.

-Houry Pilibbossian


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