Gorillaz iz Back

Gorillaz are back with a new album, new songs and most importantly, NEW GORILLAZ! After 6 years, the most successful and brilliant virtual band is back with new style trends both in its art and music.


The new Gorillaz characters are more human-like with their appearance style revolutionary changed. Their voices are also strange – mostly the 2D’s since he was supposed to have Damon’s voice, while in the music video Saturnz Barz his voice is unnatural.

giphy (1)

The band’s new music is a total sensation to their old fans who were used to hear Damon’s voice mostly in the songs. In new videos we have many black artists who are really great, but Gorillaz was epic for Damon’s divine voice and we are clearly losing now most of the major characteristics that Gorillaz used to have.

giphy (2)

Whether it is good or bad – we are no one to judge for Gorillaz was always great and unique in everything. So all we have to do is to enjoy the music that Damon Albarn writes and the art that Jamie Hewlett creates. (and also hope to hear more of Damon’s beautiful voice 😛 )

17426391_599081350297133_4255672187231316034_n (1)


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