“Heterochromia” is the phenomenon when the color of one eye of a person is different than the other one. A complete way to call this this phenomenon is “heterochromia iridis” where the “iridis” stands for the iris of the eye.  So one may ask what is the cause of “heterochromia” at all? The pigment melanin is a thing the amount of which, decides the color of your eyes. The blue eyes are the ones that contain least amount of melanin. So there are two ways a person may have a “heterochromia” either it comes from your genes or you get it during your lifetime. The lack of genetic diversity may be the reason of “heterochromia” in a person, however the reason you may get it during your lifetime can be injuries, inflammations the use of eye drops that may damage the iris of the eye. Many people may think it as a disease but it is not so at all. Such kinds of eyes actually give a very exotic, attractive and a unique look to a person. There are many famous actors, who have “heterochromia” and that is what is making them unique. Even one of the most renown historical figure; Alexander the Great, appeared to have “heterochromia.”


Besides the humans there are other organisms that also may have “heterochromia”. Mostly this is happening with dogs such as husky, Australian shepherd etc. However we Armenians know the cats called “Vanakatu” one of the beautiful types of cats in the world.


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