I’m not a huge fan of rock music but …

From March 24-27, Armenia hosted the International Music Drive Festival of rock music. The aim of the festival was to represent Armenian and international rock culture and give a chance various musicians and rock music fans to interact, exchange ideas, and share their experience.

During the festival, famous Armenian and foreign music bands performed in National Academic Theatre after Gabriel Sundukyan, various clubs and even had an open-air concert at English Park.

About a week ago, one of my friends suggested me to go to the open-air concert and enjoy the music of various rock bands. To be honest, I did not want to go. Not because I am not a fan of rock music. I just could not imagine myself there. I respect and love rock; I admire Jimmy Morison and Pink Floyd, I love SOAD, but it is not my music. On the other hand, one of my friends, who plays in a metal rock band suggested to go to their concert and it was on the same day. So I put aside my doubts and decided to go.  And I do not regret.

While I was waiting for my friend , I had an opportunity to listen to the Armenian rock band Nairi. Well, it was okay for me, but I was not excited. I’m a person who is so much into classical music, and it’s tough to try something else. It takes time, will, and energy. At least for me.

After Nairi, we enjoyed the music of Nemra band. And I liked it very much. I’m very proud that we have such bands in Armenia. Beautiful songs, very interesting lyrics.

Sus.jpgSusanna listening to her favorite Nemra.© Arpine Haroyan

The time came for the next concert. Before that, I’ve never had an interaction with metal rock music, because I was afraid of it 😀 At Ulikhanyan club, I enjoyed music  of “Alternative” and  “Mad Paradox” bands.

IMG_7099“Alternative” band  © Arpine Haroyan

The concert was cool. I could not imagine I would say this one day. The interesting part is that I concentrate on lyrics and forget about the music that is so strange to me. Anyway, I can proudly say that I’m officially not scared of metal rock. And yes, the lesson learned- do not be afraid of new things, new people, new ideas.


Metal band “Mad Paradox” © Arpine Haroyan


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