Life as it is

Children are innocent creatures who express their ideas freely. All they learn in the first few years of life is much more than they can do so in the rest of lives: talking, walking, eating and playing. Which stage of life do you consider the most important one ?

Картинки по запросу child growth

Children represent a vulnerable group to abuse, forced labor in certain countries and instead must develop their individualism due to adults’ advice to avoid psychological disorders. Parenting can sometimes be tough when you need to tidy up after the child has scribbled walls, spilled porridge on the floor, thrown away toys or cries endlessly for no reason.

Instead you can do up the room and show the child he will have to demonstrate these skills once more he throws toys away. The best thing in playing with toys or drawing is that he is investigating the world and seeing it in another way.

Well, turning children into adolescents may not be the easiest step in parents’ and their lives.

Картинки по запросу puberty before and after celebrity

At the stage of puberty they fall in love for the first time and tend to impress the opposite sex, experience mood swings throughout day and are not confident about their bodies.

Картинки по запросу mood swings

These phenomena are all normal and follow the life cycle. Whether you like your life development or not it continues.

Картинки по запросу human life cycle




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