Love, Actually 💕


Although we are not even remotely close to the greatest day of the year, i.e. Christmas, I’ve recently discovered that one of the most popular Christmas comedies is coming back on our screens on May 25th of this year. Love, Actually is a pretty famous British rom-com that was released in 2003, and now 14 years later, a sequel is coming out! The movie follows the quite romantic and amusingly ridiculous lives of eight couples during a month before Christmas day. And even though the film that is going to be released in two months is what seems like a Christmas movie that is completely out of season, hence its title Red Nose Day, Actually, the main theme of the movie is love and thus, love is always relevant. Be it Christmas, Valentine’s Day or the first day of summer. Love prevails.

I think that what’s going to be utterly fun to watch in Red Nose Day, Actually is that all of the same actors are going to play the same characters. Thus, you can see how they have aged and changed throughout the course of 14 years. Also, I feel like the movie is going to follow a similar storyline, with very minimal changes, so watching it will be like reliving the first movie. But now you’re older and so are the characters, so the experience will undoubtedly be different. Here are some snapshots of scenes from the old movie and the new one:


You can watch the short trailer for Red Nose Day, Actually here.


-Sinara Isoyan




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