Refugees ‘Welcome’?

A little bit late to the subject (not a little but too late), but I was watching a French movie a week ago called “Welcome” and it got me thinking. It was about an illegal immigrant living in France who wanted to illegally move to England to reconnect with his girlfriend. Long story short, he couldn’t and was eventually found dead in English Channel. But it was not so much the story that got me into thinking but rather a certain narrative that the movie was pushing through short but impactful instances. And that was highlighting the mistreatment of refugees in France at the time (I believe the story in the movie was taking place somewhere around early 2000s). Not only was the local’s attitude towards the refugees shocking but also the government officially prohibited citizens, or anyone really for that matter, to help illegal immigrants in any way or form that could result in them settling down.

The only thing I could think of after watching Welcome was whether refugees are truly ‘welcome’ in reality. Obviously in times of refugee crisis, social justice warriors and supposed defenders of human rights will rave about bringing refugees in and helping them out in the name of freedom and protection of human rights. But how many of these people are actually ready to host any of these refugees in their own communities? Evidence shows not many. And this begs the questions — just how welcome are refugees?

Certainly a food for thought.


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