Road to Russia 2018; Syria Keep World Cup Dream Alive

A nation that was gripped by conflict since the start of the civil  war in 2011, have now united once again, as the Syrian National team now have a genuine chance of reaching the world cup finals in 2018.

After securing a spot in the upcoming  Asian cup finals, the war-torn nation have increased their chances of qualifying to the world cup as well, after their last minute match winning goal against Uzbekistan in their latest fixture on Thursday.

Playing in front of a crowd of almost 400 in Malaysia, Omar Khribin’s 90th-minute penalty moved Syria to within a point of their opponents, who sit in the play-off spot in Group A. A win that made Syria only two points adrift of South Korea, with a huge trip to Seoul looming on Tuesday.

the Syrian National team’s head coach Ayman Hakeem broke down in tears in the post-match press conference, as he said that the victory was for all the Syrian people.

Syria’s journey to the world cup seems to unite the Syrians once again, after the war has divided them. This Inspiring story, which is still in progress can be looked at as a collateral beauty of a tragic war.


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