Shiny & Trendy Faces

This year’s makeup trends about eyelashes, cheeks, contouring, lips and eyebrows are simple to understand and follow. False and impressive eyelashes are a vital part of trendy makeup. Rosy cheeks underlined with a highlighter will make you look fresh and natural. Well moisturized skin will make your face look shiny and healthy without using a highlighter.

False eyelashes

Also, highlighted inner corners of the eyes are trendy and fancy. You can highlight it with a simple highlighter or with peachy color eye shadows. Warm peachy eye shadows will give a healthy look to your eyes and will make it more impressive.
What about eyeliners? Thin eyeliners are better than thick ones. It is soft and classy and not cliché.
Natural eyebrows are better than tattooed or over lined ones.
For spring 2017, electric orange, red, pink, purple-gray lipsticks are very trendy. Red matte lipsticks enable you to be classy and fabulous. Moreover, classy creamy red lipstick can be a good combination for your soft look; it will look elegant and not showy.

orange lips
So, this year glossy and shiny makeups are trendier than matte ones.
Contouring is also very important, but be careful not to overuse it. If you overuse the contouring sticks you may look cakey and not comfortable.
In the end, always follow the new trends, but never lose your natural beauty and uniqueness.

Author: Anna Amiryan


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