Talent Has To Be Evinced

Armenians have to learn to present themselves properly, accordingly and originally especially when their country is represented on international bases, for example the Eurovision Song Contest.


Armenians love mentioning that even though they do not have natural oil, gas and natural resources, they are a very intellectual and talented nation.  However, having all that intellect and talent is not enough.  Armenians have to learn to demonstrate it properly.  In other words, they have to figure out a creative way to display their ideas, talents, and even bring in some originality through the use of their rich cultural components.

Armenia participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 11 times so far, and reached the top 10 seven times. But Armenia’s best results were in 2008 and 2014. In 2008, Sirusho was Armenia’s representative with the song “Qele Qele,” which was also the most repetative phrase throughout the song. This automatically made the audience wonder what the phrase means, so it shared a little bit of our culture.qele qele

On the other hand, Aram MP3’s “Not Alone” was touching upon a completely different aspect but it was equally successful. As the title suggests, the song was about loneliness and hope – emotional responses that every single person could relate to.not alone

Apparently, the 2017 Eurovision song of Armenia “Fly With Me” is aimed to incorporate details as well as various aspects of different countries and perfectly fit under this year’s slogan of the Song Contest Celebrate Diversity. fly with me.png

Yes, it might, but before celebrating diversity Armenians need to learn to present themselves effectively. And since this is an International Song Contest, each country should have a performance that will be remembered for its creativity, originality and ability to represent its cultural uniqueness to a global audience. But after watching the official music video of  Armenia’s contestant (Artsvik), I felt it was a demonstration of the Japanese culture rather than Armenian.

I mean, check out the video for yourself…


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