The Boss Baby

Today I went to see an animated movie called The Boss Baby with my seven-year old nephew at Moscow Cinema in central Yerevan. Before watching the movie, Edgar and I walked around Abovyan Street and Republic Square and enjoyed ice cream.

Edgar really enjoyed the movie, watching it very closely from the start. Although it is an American movie, like almost all movies being screen in Armenia, we w636120507947495225-sq700-s30-1-pub_-116-f116-2k-finalatched it in Russian. The movie is a story of a seven-year old (coincidentally the same age as my nephew) boy named Tim, who is joined by a baby brother who is called the “Baby Boss” in the movie due to his bossy nature. He quickly gains the love and attention of their parents, which causes Tim to become jealous.

It turns out that “Baby Boss” is really a baby sent from Baby Corp., a mysterious higher power with the mission to stop an evil plan by Puppy Co., which tries to replace the importance of babies with ever-living puppies. In the end, Tim joins forces with “Baby Boss” in an attempt to stop Puppy Co. The main lesson of the movie is that love prevails in the end when people understand each other.

We had a successful day full of laughter and funny moments.

Author: Karine Dilanyan


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