Why I Stopped Playing Piano

When I was seven, my parents wanted me to start learning how to play piano. During those days of my childhood, I was interested to just stay at home, play the games that I like and play with my friends. But when I started to go to piano classes, I started to only think about practicing before going to the teacher so that I would be well prepared for the class. When I grew up, it was the same thing for me, instead of hanging out with my friends or spending time with my family, I would practice playing piano. I loved the piano when I was a child, but from loving the piano, it became a duty for me. When I was 15, I used to go to my teacher’s home and I used to go there every Friday, and I remember saying “it is Friday again,” every time that I had to go there. After playing it for nine years, it was so boring for me, I had no interest for it anymore and I started playing it just to make my parents happy because their wish for me was to be a good pianist. After seeing playing piano a duty, I stopped going there because I realized that I cannot be a good pianist if I don’t love playing it. To be honest, I miss it now, and one day I may start to play it again. Anyways, we should accept the fact that we cannot be successful in something that is a duty for us, and if we do the things that we are passionate about, we will eventually be successful.


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