Wilderness is Bliss

When I say “Wilderness is Bliss” I mean exactly that.


I miss living in the trees. I miss waking up to the smell of fresh grass. I miss the beautiful and colorful birds chirping around. I miss the spicy foods. I miss the exotic fruits. I miss the spiky and fury flowers. I miss the heavy rain patter on the roof. I miss the floods that follows a ten-minute rain. I miss Harmattan season.


Don’t get me wrong. Living in a city has its perks too. You’re always busy. Always have something to do. There are much more opportunities and experiences to obtain in the city. The NGOs, the little cute cafes. The Opera house. The concerts. Festivals. Internships. And much more.


But it will never compare to the relaxation of a living in the wilderness. You’ve seen where I lived. The roads are mostly filled with sand, grass, and trees. Each house had its own garden filled with wonderful flowers. Each house had a Mango tree. Each house was a home to its occupants.


Everyone needs to take a break once in a while to sit back and forget the exhaustion in the city. Wilderness is truly a bliss.


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