Final Project: Music Drive Festival


Having a final project was really hard. Me and Gayane Hakobyan decided to make a reportage of the Music Drive festival which took place from 24-16 April. That’s the main reason why I didn’t manage to post my blog post a bit earlier because I was busy with shooting and moreover, the project was so tiring that I could barely walk and talk. Now that I have a lot of energy after having 24 hours of sleep, I’m writing about our final project.

During the festival, we managed to interview with the organizers of the fest Gor Avetisyan and from staff member Maria(I don’t remember her surname right now, sorry), they talked about the bands, how they found them and overall the organizations. The sponsor of the fest Arsen Hakobyan, same ZHESHT events organizer, also managed to tell us about the festival. The sound engineer Payqar Chakhoyan told us a bit about his work during the fest.

Later on we conducted interviews with band members who participated in the fest, which is Adana Project, (known as an Armenian Folk metal band), Artashes Darbinyan, who is the vocalist of Nairi band and the bass player of Mad paradox, Lousnelius the Alternative rock band from Vanadzor,Alternativ band which is famous from the show X-factor Armenia and the most important band that everyone came for, SATURNUS (we managed to interview only the bassist of the band, as the other members were busy).

(Bass player of Saturnus Brian Hansen, lovely Gayana and me)

Also, we talked to the volunteers and fans who show up to the fest.


(The signatures of the international musicians)




Liliane Demirdjian


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