Elon Musk founded Neuralink – neuro interface development company.

  • According to The Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk created the company named Neuralink, which will be processing the interface for connection between human brain and computer. It became apparent due trade mark which was registered in July 2016 and the imminent announcement by businessman himself.
    Despite the dramatic leads of mass media outlets, the plot in style of “Matrix” is not going to happen soon. The Brave New World, which Elon Mask is trying to build, as well as the mass use of solar energy and electro cars, is still far away from us. According to documents, Neuralink will research in the field of medicine. The first step will be attempts of using neuro interfaces for the treatment of such diseases like paralysis. And only after we may talk about White Rabbit, Zion, and “I know Kung Fu.”
    According to WSJ, Musk created this company, but it is unknown whether he is going to lead it or be part of Director’s Board. Maybe, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX will finance separate projects. Musk is interested in ways of exchanging information between a computer and human, using electrodes connected to the brain.
    Musk declined to comment, but the creation of Neuralink was confirmed by American businessman Max Hodak. He said that he is a part of the management and the company os already recruiting staff, including brain research specialists.
    Author: David Pashinyan

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