The Wounded Deer

Many of you might be familiar with the painting below; Frida Kahlo’s ” The Wounded Deer”. Just like any artist’s Frida Kahlo’s paintings had personal stories. She mostly depicted her own life in her paintings. Although her life was tragic, she still managed to get the best out of it. I want to tell a little bit about the story behind this painting. the-wounded-deer

Frida had severe back pains due to an accident at the young age.  In 1946 she had to get through a surgery with a hope of getting rid of the pain, yet the surgery wasn’t successful. The wounded deer represented her disappointment from the unsuccessful surgery.
When she got back to Mexico, she used her own painful struggles as sources of inspiration to paint. Although you can’t see on the painting, Frida wrote the word “Carma” at the lower left corner of the painting. The word means destiny or fate. Most of Frida’s self-paintings express sadness.
Frida had a pet deer, whose name was “Granzio”, so she didn’t lose the opportunity and used the pet as a model for her portrait.
The painting was perceived and interpreted differently by people.
Eventually, On May 3, 1946, she gave the painting to her close friends Lina and Arcady Boitler as a wedding gift. She left a note with it, which said: “I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you”.

Rhein II- The World’s Most Expensive Photo

Andreas Gursky has been recognized as the most expensive photographer since 2011. Grusky is a very mysterious man, who does not like talking about his pictures and lets the pictures talk instead. Grusky has sold one of his pictures recently named Rhein II with the 4.3 million dollars and that is what the talk is about. Rhein II is a photo taken in 1999 which is a digital representation of the River Rhine. The picture itself does not have anything attractive in it as it is just a deserted landscape that looks very boring when you look at it in the first, however many people consider it as an art and have different interpretation of it. There were some extraordinary objects which were removed from this picture like dog-walkers and buildings which many people would have considered as a manipulation in photography, however Gruksy justifies his actions by saying that they had a bad impact on the overall beauty of the River Rhine.   Many people have also criticized him, for not using the simple compositional techniques when taking the world’s most expensive photo. Below posted is the  picture taken by Grusky, so you may judge yourself is it really worth to be the world’s most expensive photo?

Stepanyan Tigran

Bridge Between Impressionism and Expressionism: Paul Cézanne


Paul Cézanne was a French artist and Post-Impressionist painter whose works are thought to be a transition from the19th-century conception of artistic endeavour to a completely new world of art in the 20th century. These two radically different worlds, the one that ends with an Impressionist movement and the other starts with the Expressionist one, made a completely significant shift in the art history and overall among the artistic and other spheres.

The Impressionist movement that was originated in France in the 19th century was a way to couple both emotions and specific realities of the time. Impressionism tried to capture the impression or the momentary effect of a scene, the impression of light in a scene. The Impressionists actually tried to create the feeling of movement by using long brushstrokes, loose brush strokes, sketchy lines to create the feeling of an impression.

While Impressionists were trying to combine emotions and reality, Expressionists were trying to heighten the emotions through art. The movement existed both in Germany and France and its was actually characterizes by distortion and exaggeration; this was done in order to create emotional effect. Impressionists were portraying subjective reality rather than realism. Artists who painted in this style might incorporate fantasy and violence in their subject matter in order to show the extremes of emotion.

These two completely different worlds that did not share their routs, finally come and meet at the same place, when Paul Cezanne comes forward. He was the one whose artworks can be considered as “mix” of the two worlds and contain characteristics defined for both worlds.

Paul Cezanne’s works are identified as the most dominant influence in the abstraction of the modern art. Cézanne’s artworks that were captured often with repetitive brushstrokes are highly characteristic and clearly recognisable. Impressionists were using long brushstrokes to create an impression but Cezanne was using small ones that build up to form complex fields.


Cézanne is considered to be a man that has formed the bridge between late 19th-century Impressionism and the new different line of artistic enquiry, Cubism. Both Matisse and Picasso are said to have remarked that Cézanne “is the father of us all.”

-Helen Khanoyan

The most entertaining facts about balloons

Balloons -very bright and quite affordable way to show their attitude to them. Regardless of the receiver’s age, multi-colored balloons invariably evoke good-natured emotions and allow a person to feel themselves in a special way.

1. Before the spread of the balloons known to date, earlier with the same purpose people filled the air with bubbles from the intestines of livestock – cows and sheep.

2. In the 1970s, silver metalized balls were invented. Their first application was recorded in the New York Ballet. Made of a fairly durable material (metallized nylon), these products are more expensive than their latex counterparts.

3. The very first balloon in the world, which was filled with hydrogen, was released into the sky in Paris from the Field of Mars on August 27, 1783. The idea was prepared and implemented by the inventor and scientist Jacques Charles. By the way, in honor of Charles subsequently began to call ballerries any balloons filled with other gas lighter than air.

4. The first rubber ball was made by the English physicist-experimenter Michael Faraday in 1824. The plan was carried out with a pair of sheets of rubber with tightly pressed together to each other ribs.

5. Few people know, but helium balls were originally invented with the help of the space industry. For example, the Soviet Vega-1 and Vega-2 probes in 1985 and in fact dropped the helium balls … Where would you think? In the atmosphere of Venus!

6. Latex balls are biodegradable.

7. Airships and balloons were actively used in the first quarter of the twentieth century: they were assigned the functions of protection against the attack of enemy aircraft.

8. The first major catastrophe suffered in May 1785 a balloon in the Irish Tullamore. After the crash, a major fire broke out, destroying about 100 houses. 9. The unexpected sound of a bursting ball can scare almost anyone. And this is not surprising since the collapsing ball creates a real supersonic impact. After appearing in the inflated sphere of the hole, the air begins to be released outward so quickly that the opening grows practically with the speed of sound in the rubber exceeding the corresponding speed in the air. This difference leads to a supersonic impact.

10. Latex balloon, which appeared in the sky, can calmly reach a height of more than 5 km. After that, as a rule, it freezes and collapses into fragments, scattered, again falling to the ground. It is noticed that some animals occasionally consume these latex residues without any harm to their health.

11. The record for the launch of the largest number of helium balls belongs to the English Disney Park. August 27, 1994, at the presentation of the animated blockbuster “Aladdin”, 1592744 balloons flew into the sky. The launch was attended by 2 thousand people. Colin Renwick supervised this magnificent act.

12. The largest voluminous figure of 80 thousand balloons was created in the form of a robot in Singapore. To implement this grandiose project, the effort of 50 people who worked for 42 hours!

Kristina Kotanjyan

The Important Desicion


I remember the time when there remained only a year to finish the high school. I was in front of a serious decision. Maybe this decision is the most important decision that I have made in my life until today. I had to decide what university I want to enter and in what profession I see myself in future. This was really hard. Knowing about the American University of Armenia, I wanted to study there very much because I admired a lot the building, I was very glad to study all the subjects in English, and step by step talk in English fluently, and all of my friends were sure that they want to study there. But there was a problem. I wanted to become a lawyer. I like everything that is connected with law and the people surrounding me told me that I could be a good lawyer. Unfortunately, as you may know, the AUA does not have the major of law, and I did not know eighter to chose the university I want to study in or the profession in which I see my future. Besides, my parents who are doctors wanted me to enter the State Medical University of Armenia. Honestly, I do not like medicine but I did not want to insult my parents. My thoughts were really in mess and I didn’t know what to do. My friends started to prepare for their entrance exams and I was still thinking.
Then I remember, one of my friends occasionally said to me it would be better for me to apply for Law University because it is very difficult to enter AUA and because of my laziness I cannot do that. These words became a motivation for me to enter AUA. This time I firmly decided that I will study in AUA, and started to prepare for my exams. The positive thing was that my parents were supporting me and didn’t force me to apply to Medicine University. After 2-3 months I was ready for the exams and I passed them. Then came the time when I was in front of another important decision; what major to choose. After discussing this question with my parents we decided that the most convenient major for me is English & Communications.

Although I know that others’ opinions should not decide how your life will continue, but I am happy that I was motivated by this words and chose AUA to be my university. I enjoy studying here. Although sometimes, it is very hard to manage to do all the assignments and be prepared for the midterms and finals, it is very interesting to study here. The atmosphere here is completely different from other universities in Armenia. Also, I am sure that these years spent here will help me to have a successful career in future.images

Be Kind to One Another

Be kind to one another. Every day Ellen DeGeneres ends her show with these words. Perhaps, understanding the reason behind these words is not as simple as it seems. Who can imagine that the woman, who makes everyone happy, who is incredibly funny and is the definition of kindness was once “punished” for who she was. I certainly didn’t. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Ellen’s coming-out during her then-popular TV comedy Ellen. This episode not only brought waves of criticism and threats on her, but also quite literally destroyed her career for more than three years. During the time, she faced number of personal hardships and losses as well.

As she came back to TV with the Ellen DeGeneres show, she not only became a comedy icon, but more importantly, an icon of kindness. She seeks to help anyone who is in need and awards acts of kindness, understanding its need in so many people’s lives.

I myself am not necessarily what you would define as “the kindest”, but I do believe that we can at least try to help each other, because at the end of the day that’s all we’ve got. It cannot be denied that if the world had more Ellens we would all be just a little bit better, and just a little bit happier.

“The Promise” Doesn’t Look Promising

After almost a month of having social media feeds full of reviews and thoughts about “The Promise” I went to see it. When I arrived to the cinema it was so crowded, I thought there was a protests or something. Moscow cinema’s blue hall was full, the majority of the audience were either Diaspora Armenians form all over the world, or people who basically didn’t understand Russian or Armenian. 

Reading a lot of reviews and watching interviews didn’t help iUn shaping the ideal perception of the movie, instead they made the process even more complicated. Let me explain my thought is points.

  1. Cinematography: the locations and sets are great, and convey a good mise-en-scène. Camera movements, camera angles and the entire editing and directing process are done beautifully.
  2. The idea: The Promise became a revolutionary movie, not only because of the strong PR and Marketing. The way the story was introduced was unique itself in the context of the Armenian Genocide. It didn’t have disturbing imagery, harsh killings and of course sexual content. The aim was to make it as educational as possible for the world, not only for Armenians around the world.
  3. Actors: having a cast of superstars including Christian Bale and Oscar Issac pushes the movie even more. Their reputation attracts more people to watch the movie, because of their rich cinematic history. Having them in the film is essential to spread the word not by Armenians this time but by foreigners.

The movie was over, and as I was walking out of the cinema, I noticed people crying. Their shirts showed that they were students and parents from the US on a school trip. I was thinking to myself, was I the only one who didn’t cry? why didn’t the movie effect me like it did to my friends who were fascinated? I think living in Armenia gave me a new perspective about the Genocide. If I watched this movie in any Diaspora community I think I will be in tears, and posting a lot of content on social media regarding the movie. The Genocide was the essence of my existence back in the diaspora, however in Armenia you realize how there’s much more in our history than the Genocide.