This is True

Everything seems to work out well in the world. Terrors in Europe completely disappeared and the European population started treating Muslims as they used to. The Muslim community in turn declared that they hope to see no further aggressions by their brothers. Another problem – the Crimea conflict is likely to be shortly solved as Russia constantly improves its relationships with Ukraine. In relation to this, Europe has already ended the sanctions on Russia and this made everyone’s job much easier. Coming closer to Armenia, Azerbaijan seems to lose its interest in Nagorno Karabagh and probably will soon talk about the compromises. No reasons for this, we are just lucky. Armenia is preparing for the upcoming elections which will definitely be fairly held, since the new technology leaves no ways for cheating. Whichever party is elected, we can be hundred percent sure that they will make Armenia thrive and will accomplish all their promises, because if they do not, the Armenian population will punish and never elect them again. Finally, I can write about whatever I want without bringing any proof or making references, because today is April 1. Happy April Fools’ Day.


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