Choose either to rest or travel



After working for more than for or five months, it seems that resting is the perfect time and traveling is the best way of resting. But is it always like that?

Traveling even if it sounds a great idea for resting, it can sometimes turn into long preparation. Usually people get really tired from planning procedures. As traveller has so many choices, sometimes choosing where and how to go may sound a challenging task. Choosing where to travel can be the easiest part of the traveling, but which cities, which hotel and which days to travel can be the most challenging part. As you want to have the most perfect travel, you want to plan every detail of your holiday. However, when it becomes to this challenging plan, the tourist must understand whether s/he is traveling or resting, because they’re not the same thing.

As you rest, you have an opportunity of traveling, but from traveling you won’t necessarily rest. Well-organized travel gives you opportunity to learn and see the country, to understand better the culture of the country. For couple of weeks you live like a foreigner and see how it’s like to live in other country. But this process can actually be tiring  (even though for your knowledge and memory it’s a positive thing).


If you want to rest, then traveling must be secondary for you. You have to go special resting places, the most perfect places ones are beaches, resting houses in nature. Usually it’s good to spend the entire time in one or two places not more than two weeks. Otherwise, it will become a tiring process.

It’s always good to take a break from work and travel to other countries. But it’s always important to remember that traveling needs to be planned correctly, so that it won’t become a tiring process.

-Gayane Aramyan


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