WSJ Journalist on a Mission to Ruin Youtube

Wall Street Journal has long been irrelevant and in an ever-developing environment that is the Internet, they are on the road of going out of business. So in order to keep their business going and stay relevant, WSJ decided to go toe to toe with Google’s Youtube. First it was WSJ sitting on their high horses and hypocritically accusing famous Youtube celebrity PewDiePie of being racist (or making racist remarks in their videos) and now it is them actively convincing famous advertisers to pull their ads from Youtube.

Jack Nicas, a journalist from WSJ, has been “investigating” hundreds of supposedly racist videos and analyzing what kind of advertisement appears on them. He later on came up with an article about how major brand advertisers such as Microsoft, Toyota and Coke pay to have their ads on racist videos. Obviously this resulted in a Public Relations nightmare for most of these companies with some of them quickly terminating their partnership with Youtube until the problem was solved. The one party that will suffer the most is the content creators of Youtube who make money through ad revenue. Majority of Youtube channels have had their videos demonetized which in the long run means they will soon not earn enough money to continue producing videos. Not only causing this much of a damage was not enough but also Jack Nicas further pursued the problem by directly contacting advertisers to convince them to remove their ads from Youtube.

Congrats on ruining people’s careers, Jack, hope it is all worth it in the end.



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