Adorable albino twins

Albinism is observed in only one person for 17 000 cases, and in the Brazilian family Bavar, two albino children were born – the twins Lara and Mara. Recently, together with her sister Sheila, the twins took part in a professional photo shoot for Nike and Bazaar Kids.


Now Lara and Mara Bawar are 11 years old. They were born in an ordinary family in São Paulo, both with a complete lack of melanin pigment. Their skin, their hair is white, although their features are very similar to those of their sister Sheila, who was born black. Because of this, the sisters are like copies of each other in a negative.



. Photographer Vinicius Terranova invited the girls together with her 13-year-old sister Sheila for a professional photo shoot, and after the final pictures were published for the first time in Instagram, they instantly received several thousand likes. A series of photographs with Sheila, Lara and Mara entered the project of a photographer called “Rare flowers” (Flores Raras). Vinicius himself considers these pictures to be the gem of his project. “For the first time I saw girls on video, they were just incredibly beautiful and talented, and I instantly wanted to work with them. They are very self-confident, very educated and they know how to work. The  girls themselves are very optimistic about their future. Now they want to be actresses and models. “I like to learn new things; I like to design dresses, I like to pose, to play in front of the public.” When I grow up, I probably will become a stylist, “says the older twin sister.  For us, albinism is beautiful. We like our skin, our eyes, our hair color. Skin and hair are just very beautiful, and when you apply makeup, it looks very special. And the hair just perfectly matches with our appearance, they play beautifully in the light, “- says Lara.10265.jpg

Despite the fact that the girls were born in Brazil, their parents are from Guinea-Bissau. For them to grow up in Brazil has been a very positive experience – they are loved by their family, they are admired, they are complimented. In the homeland of their parents, they would most likely have a completely different reception. Thus, in some African countries, particularly in Tanzania, attacks for the sake of killing an albino or for amputation of individual parts of the body are so common that children born without melanin often run away from their families to a special shelter organized for them.


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