We need more powerful and knowledgable citizens!

During my freshman year when I was studying an Armenian constitution, it was interesting that one of the essential parts of the constitution was the fundamental articles about BASIC RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF THE HUMAN BEING AND THE CITIZEN (Chapter 2).  However, it is not easy to see and understand the importance of fundamental articles of constitution, until you explore and experience it.

Article 23. Human Dignity

Human dignity is inviolable.

This simple statement at the same being clear, is essential characteristics of an Armenian citizen. Armenian citizen without dignity is under threat. It is also essential, because without human’s will it can not be taken. Even though the government must be responsible for protection of human dignity, citizens are also capable of protecting it.


What showed the recent election that many people either don’t see or don’t want to see that they are capable of losing their highest value, dignity with money or threat. Even if dignity is not enough for understanding that as an Armenian citizen we have many rights that are protected, the Article 26 is more specifically stating that “No one may be subjected to torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” And even this is not enough for being protected from those who violate your rights, citizens are “Every worker shall have the right to protection against unjustified dismissal from work. The grounds for dismissal from work shall be prescribed by law.”

Knowledge is power and power does not want to shout. As a citizen, we need to abandon emotions and try to understand our fundamental laws, because informed and knowledgable citizen is more powerful and not vulnerable. Let’s help each other to make Armenian citizens more knowledgable and powerful!


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