Japanese ‘forest bathing’​ is a cure for people’s health

Bamboo_forest,_Arashiyama,_Kyoto_(oliveheartkimchi).jpgThe scientists have proved that Japanese practice of forest bathing is beneficial for human health. Forest bathing is what the exposure of nature can have on a human brain.

Japenese launched the national health program called “Shirin-yoku” in 1982. The forestry ministry coined the phrase shinrin-yoku and promoted it as a therapy.  In Japanese, shirin-yoku means spreading more time around trees.

The Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences at Japan’s Chiba University measured both psychological and physical effects of cheery trees, designating 48 therapy trails based on the results. Froom 2004 to 2012, they spent about four million dollars on investigations.

The forest bathing is basically wondering around the forest during cherry blossoming period. Qing Li, a professor at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, said that it is not about fresh air, cherry trees emit oils as a protection from germs and insects. The oil is known as phytoncides found in wood, plants, and vegetables.


To be in the presence of trees is proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, which boosts energy and influences on our immune system and improve overall well-being.

Aside, the psychological effects are not less significant. A study on forest bathing’s psychological effects surveyed 498 healthy volunteers, in a forest and in the other controlled environments. In fact, 30 minutes walk significantly reduced hostility and depression scores of the volunteers. “Accordingly,” the researchers wrote, “forest environments can be considered as therapeutic landscapes.”

Find out more in http://www.shinrin-yoku.org official website


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