The Meaning Behind Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Cherry blossom has a deep connection with Japanese history and is connected with life, death and renewal. Cherry tree is known as sakura in Japan. 2 weeks after the blossom the beautiful pink flowers fall from the trees and cover the streets like snow.170301154813-meguro-cherry-blossoms-super-169

The meaning behind cherry blossoms

Since the blossom happens in April,families in Japan gather together have music accompanied feasts  and simply enjoy the nice environment that cherry flowers create. The celebration is called hanami(viewing cherry blossom). The meaning lies in life’s perfection, fragility and transiency. The celebration is linked with Buddhist traditions. Cherry trees metaphorically represent the human existence.  Although the blooming season is beautiful and powerful,still, the falling of flowers is linked to enjoying the present and understanding the shortness of human lives. Cherry blossom also encourages to  observe and appreciate the life around us before it is too late.


 One of the significant representations of cherry flowers occurred during the World War II. Before going to the deadly mission Japanese pilots painted their  kamikaze warplanes with cherry flowers. The meaning was to   “die like beautiful falling cherry petals for the emperor”.

 Cherry Blossom is something to be seen for real. The true experience will give a glimpse to it’s mystery and beauty.


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