13 Reasons Why 🎧


Why did Hannah Baker die? This is the question which lingers on everyone’s lips and yet no one is brave enough to ask it. Is it because they’re scared to know the answer? Or because they have something to hide?

13 Reasons Why is all the craze right now after it became available to watch on Netflix on March 31. It was initially a young adult novel written by Jay Asher, which has been adapted to a one-season TV series and produced by Selena Gomez. The TV series contains 13 episodes overall, which is quite logical because there are 13 parts to this story. The story is about a girl, Hannah Baker, who committed suicide and before doing so, she recorded 13 cassette tapes and left them with a friend to distribute after she died. These cassette tapes contain all of the facts and all of the evidence which drove 17-year-old Hannah to kill herself; thirteen reasons why she killed herself. Each tape is intended for a particular person, and all these people played a role in how things went bad for Hannah, in the final outcome of her life. Everyone was a reason she killed herself, and she wants them to know why. What they did wrong, and what they could have done right.


The plot is quite original and very intricately carved and connected, which makes watching the series incredibly satisfying and interesting. So many unexpected things happen, and so many secrets are uncovered, which really makes you, as an audience, think that you can never be one hundred percent sure of what’s going on in someone’s life. It’s insane how reality is so far from what we believe. Interesting plot aside, I just really wanted to talk about the actors cast in the series. It’s unbelievable how good they are, how perfect they fit for their roles. All these young actors are absolutely phenomenal and they truly convey the reality teens go through every day of their lives; their fragile feelings and heightened emotional responses. Everything about this TV show is absolutely perfect, and even though the topic is incredibly sensitive and difficult, it is truly worth watching. Because, trust me when I tell you, it will change you and how you treat other people.

Watch it now on Netflix.


Sinara Isoyan


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