Follow Me To

Murad Osmann is an outstanding, talented Russian photographer who travels the whole world with his girlfriend Natalia Zakharova.


Their story started in 2011, during their first trip together to Barcelona where they took lots of photos. All of the sudden Natasha looked away and pulled Murad forward, and that was the moment when he caught ‘that shot’. After that trip, it has become their tradition to bring a post card to their friends from every country that they went together. An idea of the post card was always the same; a girl taking young man’s hand and leading him to the most amazing places on Earth. Their photos became very popular within few weeks and the social network gave them the nickname “Follow Me To’’ couple. Murad and Natasha were even offered to take part in several projects collaborating with Google, Macy’s, Samsung, National Geographic and NBC Channel. Nowadays the couple created their own project called due to which they share their stories about the world’s most unknown and unique places. Murad Osmann has more than 4,6 million followers on Instagram, his photos are inspiring millions of people and couples all around the world take similar photos with the caption ‘’follow me to’’.

On Saturday, 6 June 2015,  Osmann and Zakharova got married. The pair had two weddings, one in Moscow and the second one at Murad’s birthplace in Dagestan. The photographer captured moments from their wedding to include in the “Follow Me” series.



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