Real clowns hate the trailer “It” based on Stephen King’s Novel

In our time it’s very difficult to be a professional clown. Last year in the US (and not only in the US) for Halloween in social networks organized flashmob/tantrum with “sinister” clowns in the woods near schools and playgrounds. In the 80’s, Stephen King wrote the novel “It,” where the main monster uses the appearance of a clown, and in the 70s, a maniac killer John Wayne Gacy, who liked to dress up as a clown at children’s parties, was rampaging in the United States. The series on “It” and the film “Poltergeist” did not help either, and the conditions for the real clowns became malicious.

A week ago there was a trailer for a new film adaptation of “It,” which for the first day gained 197 million views – more than any other trailer in movie history ( the previous record belonged to the first trailer for “Fast and the Furious 8”). MEL Magazine interviewed several professional clowns and asked about their reaction to the trailer.

Clowns, as you might guess, is not thrilled. Nick Kane, acting under the pseudonym of Mr. Nick, says:

‘It is ruining our business. We just moved away from meme about the terrible clowns last October, everything was just beginning to bounce back, and here comes the trailer “It” and it all starts again’

Guilford Adams, better known as the clown Gilly, is also pessimistic:

‘For clowns, everything will be very bad. It’s a dying profession. And those people who are still engaged in this on a professional basis, have to put up with the fact that now it is considered fashionable not to like clowns. The most offensive that all this will scare off young viewers from the form of art, which in any case more touching and interesting Kim Kardashian and Minecraft’
“It” directed by Andres Mousquetti will be released on September 7.


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