13 Reasons Why



Yes- you’ve probably heard about it a million times in the past two weeks; it has probably popped up on your feed numerous times and you’ve probably grown absolutely sick of hearing about it without even having watched it. Well, I was just like you and totally despised 13 Reasons Why without having watched it but I’m one of those people who watches a show I had hated before watching it, just to end up hating it even more. This however, was different. I had 0 hopes for it. I read the synopsis and thought it couldn’t get more cliche; a girl kills herself, leaves tapes behind for people to hear and know why she killed herself blah blah blah. I’m one of those people who hates movies and shows about suicide as 90% of the time they portray it as having the same cliche plot, altering the audiences impression of suicide (girl is bullied, dates a boy who turns out to be an ass, has a broken heart, is called a slut, gets betrayed  by all of her friends and throughout this all she realized that she doesn’t like boys (which is quite homophobic in a way must I add), after which she coincidentally kills herself. I watched the first episode of this and didn’t fully hate it, but I still wasn’t impressed by it. Nonetheless, I went on to watching the preceding episodes and, to my surprise, loved it. Yes, it still has it’s cliche moments, and yes it’s not totally original but theres something to it that lures the viewer in and makes them want to watch more. The mystery it transmits to the viewer is apparent and quite addicting. The story follows the quest of an average student, named Clay,  who is one of many who gets hold of the tapes but is determined to find the answer behind Hannah’s decision to end her life. I still haven’t finished the entire season but the more I watch it, the more I fall in love with it. As much as I hate to admit it, I would recommend for everyone to watch it.


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