4 Best Makeup Tips

  1. In order for your makeup to look good, you need to have a good base. So, after applying your serum and moisturizer, it is important to prep the skin by priming it. Using a primer according to your skin type will ensure the longevity of your makeup. Primers range from mattifying to hydrating to illuminating and pore minimizing to color correcting. So, there’s an option for all skin types.



2. There are lots of eyeshadows that look great on the pallette but when applying it , the pigment does not look as vibrant. So, to make the color pop, especially in case of glittery or shimmery eyeshadows all you need to do is either prime the lids with concealer or an eyeshadow primer, then set it with powder and lastly wet the brush with water and then apply it to the lid.


3. Creams before powders! Start with cream products first and then set them in place with powders. To both get a full coverage and not look muddy; first apply foundation, then highlight and contour. Afterwards, set the undereyes with translucent powder, set the countour and the foundation with a matching powder.



4. If you can’t find a black eyeliner that is as dark, then there are a few things you can do. You can apply your eyeliner then set it with black eyeshadow  to  make it both darker and last longer. Another trick you can try is  applying gel eyeliner in your waterline instead and then setting it with black eyeshadow.



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