A Weekend in Gyumri

This weekend I visited Gyumri town, Armenia’s second largest city then known as Alexandropol, situated in Shirak province. I got to Gyumri by train, and the way to Gyumri was kind of interesting too. The aim of the visit was getting familiar with the sightseeing places of the town.

Saturday evening my friend and I went to watch a play in the Dramatic Theatre of Gyumri named after Atchemyan. The play was a nIMG_20170408_173010.jpgew one and was directed by a young producer. It depicted a life of a French tutor, and how the unexpected events changed his life. I enjoyed the play and professionalism of the actors and actresses.

Today I visited the house museum of Avetik Isahakyan was born and raised in Gyumri. The house has been a museum since 1975. There are several rooms preserved from the late 19th century. The interior of the rooms presents the same as it was during Isahakyan’s times. I saw bookstores and writing equipment of the poet, the bedroom of his parents, then visited the kitchen. I just learned that Isahakyan was born in the small “bakery” in their house and his father gave him the name Avetis-Avetiq, meaning a distributor of good news. Several books, pictures from ancient city Ani, and family portraits were part of the museum.

I had a wonderful weekend! Hope you enjoyed yours, too!


Author: Karine Dilanyan


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