About That Girl

I could feel the breath of the cold winter in my bones as my brother and I were walking in the subway, going to meet our brother-in-law. We were trying to find our way from the subway station as I was convincing him to buy me new headphones, after I ruined his brand-new ones. As I looked ahead to find the exit, a girl, with golden blond hair, walked towards me and exclaimed “Happy New Year.” She did not stop: just walked by our side. As we looked back to catch a glimpse of her, she looked at us with this wide, bright smile on her face. By the time I made sense of the surprise she was already gone, leaving me and my brother laughing. My brother kept asking if I knew her, and thought she was someone I didn’t remember. But I really had no idea who she was. She was a stranger.

Maybe she wanted to make someone’s day better, maybe she lost a daring game to her friends or maybe she took me for someone else. Nevertheless, the motive really doesn’t matter. She simply made my day better. She created this positive bubble that is not usual for the dark, dirty subway. I wish I could remember her face, but I only remember her amazing smile.


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