Armenia: The Perfect Imperfection

Photo by Houry Pilibbossian 

Being born and raised in a Diaspora Armenian society, the imaginary picture I had about Armenia was that it’s a perfect place. Up to a certain age, I even thought that Mount Ararat was within the territories of the Republic of Armenia. Most of the people who grow up in Diaspora communities, like me, have the same perception about their motherland Armenia.

During the parliamentary elections last week, a number of artists/social activists from the Diaspora were in Armenia to observe the elections. Serj Tankian, Atom Egoyan, Arsinée Khanjian and Eric Nazarian were among them. This was a huge step towards shedding light on what’s “really” happening in Armenia. By this, people in the Diaspora will be more empowered with knowledge by knowing about their past and their present. Even though they don’t live in Armenia, by being aware about what’s going on there, they can contribute towards having a better and a stronger Armenia.

After 17 years in Syria and now 5 years in Armenia my perspective about my motherland has changed. Being in touch with the Armenian reality burns my heart into ashes, because my Armenia should be a better place. Gazing at Ararat every morning from AUA’s windows reminds me that I belong there on the other side of the line. However, it’s even a stronger reminder that I’m blessed to be in a place where half of my identity belongs to. As a young half-Armenian, I encourage my fellow Diaspora youth to come and live in Armenia for a while, not visit only during summer. To live and be in touch with the Armenian reality, feel the present on their own skin. After going back to their countries they will have thousands of stories to share for the upcoming Armenian generations, about their ancestry homeland. With the hope that the generations coming after us will grow up with healthier perspectives about Armenia.

-Houry Pilibbossian


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