Belated Confession: Post-Election period

I could never imagine I would be interested in these elections so much. Somehow my consciousness gave a new idea to me that the elections should bother me more than they bother the actual candidates.  I started looking through the electoral campaigns reclaiming the accepted “similar promises and no progress” slogan during five years and was disappointed by the fact that there was no actual difference between the elections I witnesses for the last years.

However, this time I made the difference and decided I would like to be an operator for the “Citizen Observer” initiative organized by “Transparency International” Anti-Corruption center in Armenia. They were able to employ more than 3,700 observers and around 60 call center operators to monitor the elections with the help of trustworthy and vigorous staff. The observers were sent to almost all the polling places in Armenia and operators were divided into certain districts to coordinate. Fortunately, I was chosen to regulate the job of observers working in my own district, in Nor Nork. This opportunity gave me a chance to understand and to perceive the terrifying situation that was spread all over Nor Nork. Calls were coming from the observers all the time telling the members of electoral committee did not know their rights and responsibilities, they had made violations one by one and always had refused to claim those had been wrong actions to take. The observers said that, in some polling stations, they were told to get out and warned that relatives of the electoral committee would find them and their lives would not be as bright as those had been. Yet, the observers refused to leave the polling stations and remained there for almost the entire day to see both the process of electing and the process of counting the votes.

In my entire background, this work was the best opportunity to serve to fair and just elections in Armenia. I was coordinating the observers giving them help and assistance, regulating their actions and sometimes just asking how they felt, whether they needed something or not. I was amazed by their enthusiasm to complete their mission and by the work of the back-up staff which was always very supportive and attentive. I am looking forward for the next elections to come: those will be new, maybe a more challenging opportunity, to observe the situation in Armenia and to have a little contribution in the future we are all dreaming of.


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