Dos Amigos 💃🏻

I’m writing this as I’m sitting on a wooden chair in a club or a pub I’m not really sure what it is, actually, the only thing I’m sure about is that I can barely control my body from moving to the Latino songs playing.

Dos Amigos’ Fb page profile picture

So let me start by how I got here. My friend (let’s call her Amiga) tricked me, no really! We were supposed to go somewhere else but she told me and our friend that she’s taking us to a place that we’re going to like so much we might actually refuse to leave (it’s safe to say we were convinced.)

We were kind of scared cause we’ve never been there. The moment we stepped in we saw two of Amiga’s other friends, basically she had double booked and wanted to hang out with the four of us.

I already love this place because I love dancing and the couple who just started dancing like they are on the set of “Dancing with the stars” are making me super jealous of their dancing skills but they are professionals so it’s acceptable.

Overall it’s a fun place to visit with a group of friends who love dancing and because I only stayed for a short time I cannot comment on their food or drinks. They seem to have very interesting events, you can check them out here!

p.s.: Dos Amigos made me want to take dancing classes. If you know a place that offers good classes let me know please 😀

Address: Mashtoci 15

Facebook page: Dos Amigos


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