Drink Water


“It is important to drink water” or “It is important to stay hydrated” are one of the most obvious, yet annoying reminders for many. Those words often get ignored for the sake of their repetitive nature. People assume that the amount of water they consume is enough. Some other people assume that drinking soft drinks or consuming food with high water content makes up for their little to no consumption of water. The truth is while in some sense people get their daily need of water through through these methods, it still lacks the full effect needed for the body. Sometimes those drinks, specifically those containing caffeine and alcohol, are filled with empty calories that push the body to release water once again directing it towards dehydration.

At this point some may ask “What’s so bad about dehydration?” which is quite weird thing to ask, yet easy to explain. The most important thing about dehydration is that it leads to death and while it may seem desirable for some, trust me it’s not a good idea. Now, most probably the readers of this post are not at the point where the dehydration of their body may cause death, yet it most likely has a negative influence of some kind. This might be reflected in weakness, dizziness, constant headaches and joint pain. Personal laziness should not be an excuse to continuously ignore these issues. Your body deserves better. You deserve better.

Drinking water will boost your productivity and help to better your athletic performance. It helps with the maintenance of the body temperature as well as with the digestive processes. The most popular weight loss strategies as well as skincare methods are connected with water consumption. Muscle cramps and aching joints may also be avoided by simply consuming enough water to hit your bodily needs.

While the norm is individual the majority still fails to maintain their own daily need of water. There are numerous hacks all over the internet that supposedly help to increase the amount of water one consumes during the day, yet most of it is useless information that no normal human being will be able to follow. It’s also important to remember that forcing yourself to drink water may have the same negative effects as forgetting to drink it. The process of increasing your daily consumption of water should be done gradually. It is better to start at first with consumption of water-rich foods than to force a gallon of water down your throat ruining your whole day nauseous feelings. Setting up timers also helps a lot and while some may consider you a weirdo, your personal health is more important than some stupid commentary from aside. The importance of it should not be overlooked no matter what the reason is, so please put everything aside for a second and focus on yourself as you deserve it.

-Armine Sahakyan


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