Easter is Coming Soon…

Among all holidays, there is one, which is unique in its meaning and importance. This is called Easter.

Easter or the Glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a holiday, which comes from one of the Jews’ holidays, called Pasek. The essence of the holiday is as the same as our Easter, celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Easter is a movable holiday, which means that every year the day changes based on the first Sunday after the spring’s equinox. After the Easter, Armenians celebrate the Holy Week, and the rest of the holidays, which are related to Easter begin on the Holy Week and finish on Monday. On Saturday evening, Armenians go to Christ’s resurrection candlelight liturgies, after which the seven-week duration Lent becomes over.

There is an interesting tradition during the holiday. Two people play the eggs game, which requires that two people, holding different edges of the eggs try to break the others’ one. People color the eggs with different traceries, and colors, especially they use the red color because they find it as a symbol of Christ blood. Moving forward, people also have fish, rice, and wine on the table. In addition, some families prepare food with different vegetables, trying to avoid having too much meat at that day.
Easter is a family holiday. People try to forget about their problems and difficulties for at least one day and devote it to spiritual values. This year Easter will be celebrated on April 16, which means that the preparation activities should be started already. Happy Easter to all of you!!!!!



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