Ecotourism is the potential of Armenia


“King of the Forest” / Armenia, Dilijan

Armenia is a small-scaled, mountainous, landlocked country whose geography never fails to surprise foreign visitors. Our country has a strong ecotourism potential as it offers to see the past and present at the same time and place. Our country has a lot to show and the ones who admire the beauty of our nature always stays captivated.

The potential of Armenia for ecotourism is high as our country has all the right things for the lovers of this sector of tourism: professional guides and leaders, architectural and cultural monuments and unique nature. Moreover, two-thirds of the European birds can be found in Armenia. Eco-tours to Armenia are considerably tempting because  our country, though small in size, is very rich in forests, alpine meadows and other fantastic places.

In addition, if tourists want to admire heathenish temples and archaic Christian memorials, cave cities and castles hidden high up in the mountains, canyon galleries containing bas-relief collections, unique frescoes in abandoned monasteries and thousands of monuments in one country, visiting Armenia is the best option. They are offered to see six climate zones in the small territory of the country. Moreover, in the Caucasus region, Armenia is considered the most appropriate area for ecotourism.

Due to its fertile geography and diversified ecosystems starting with natural stones ending with deciduous forests and meadows, Armenia has a strong ecotourism potential. Nowadays various programs are created to develop hiking and horse riding trails, guest houses, and new working vacancies in some regions of Armenia.
– Mariam Khachatryan


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