Education for Every Child

Everyone has the right to education as it is known. However, though we live in the 21st century some children are still deprived of getting proper education for various reasons. This regards to Armenia as well. Children in mainly poor regions of Armenia do not go to school. This comes from the poor conditions regional schools provide along with lack of specialists and teachers in the regions.

Teach For All is an organization that contributes to the solution of such problems throughout the world. It has its partners in different countries including Armenia to make education available to each child. Teach for Armenia tries to solve the issue in regions of Armenia and to assure that children obtain fulfilled educational experience. To achieve this, members of Teach For Armenia engage interested people in the program. They qualify those individuals through training sessions that take about six months. Afterwards, those individuals start teaching in regional schools for two years.


The organization seems to have gained much attention and affection through time. Many individuals join Teach For Armenia to have their own contribution to the program.

Luiza Vardanyan



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